Got a Plan? What does the college do when no one shows up in September?


*Suppose a school with 1000 students has a cost/student of 60k for a total budget of 60m. A missing first year class might represent 250 x 15k = 3.75m or about 6.5% of budget. A school of, say 4000, with a more efficient cost/student of 50k for a total budget of 200m could lose net tuition of 1000 x 15k = 15m or about 7.5% of budget.

Author: Dan Ryan

I'm currently an Academic Program Director at I've been a professor at University of Toronto, University of Southern California, and Mills College teaching things like human centered design, computational thinking, modeling for policy sciences, and social theory. I'm driven by the desire to figure out how to teach twice as many twice as well twice as easily.

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