European Educators Discuss Changes in Higher Ed

Some familiar themes, some new takes on them, at recent meeting of European University Association

…post-Bologna Process…new teaching tools…changes student body…alter university landscape…changes in technology and learning expectations…universities have to change…important to push student learning…learning in more individual way…digital learning moving to tablets and smartphones…MOOCs…MOOCs help bridge school-university gap by opening courses to high school students…rise in lifelong demographic mix…teaching is changing…globalization… attract international students…curriculum changes and training in cultural differences needed…prepare them for a globally functioning world.

The New York Times

Adapting for the Future at European University Conference


BRUSSELS — Senior European academics, university officers and policy makers met this month at the European University Association’s annual conference in Brussels to discuss the rapidly changing European higher education market.

European Union member states have increasingly standardized their degrees and courses under agreements known as the Bologna Process. Now, policy makers are looking to a future in which new teaching tools and changes in the student body could significantly alter the university landscape.

Author: Dan Ryan

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