Napolitano Calls Online Courses Just "a tool for the toolbox"

First smart remarks about online higher education that I’ve heard in a while.  Perhaps staring down terrorists and such for a few years gives a person the guts they need to techie hype and politician pressure.
From the LA Times

University of California President Janet Napolitano struck a rare blow for rational education practice this week by pushing back strongly against the craze for online learning courses. Online education isn’t a panacea, she said; it’s not for everyone, it’s not cheap, and if it’s done right it may not even save money. 

Are you listening, Gov. Brown? 

Napolitano, who took over at UC in September, made her remarks Monday during an appearance sponsored by the Public Policy Institute of California. Some 500 spectators were present in person and, ahem, online. Her remarks can be seen on YouTube here

Asked by PPIC President Mark Baldassare about UC initiatives in the online space, Napolitano moved promptly to separate fact from fantasy. She called the development of online courses merely “a tool for the toolbox.”

Author: Dan Ryan

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