Idea for a Seminar

How about an ongoing faculty/student seminar reading latest books on “new economy.” Meets every two weeks for 2-3 hours. Discussion. Main thing is to get folks reading/talking about same topic and one that generates, over time, a shared set of references that can become a scaffold for ongoing conversations both in and outside of classes.

Could even offer books at half-price or ten dollars to faculty (which ever is more), ten dollars to students, subsidized by a grant. If we assume 20 (5 faculty, 15 students) total participants and seven books at average cost of $25, we’d need about 5x7x12.5 + 15x7x15 = $2000. Easily doable.

Stay tuned for a suggested reading list.

Author: Dan Ryan

I'm currently an Academic Program Director at I've been a professor at University of Toronto, University of Southern California, and Mills College teaching things like human centered design, computational thinking, modeling for policy sciences, and social theory. I'm driven by the desire to figure out how to teach twice as many twice as well twice as easily.

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