Pedagogical Omissions

Subtweeting a few days on academic social media. Did we forget to teach that “I found this interesting” is not the same as “it is interesting”? That “I just found about this” does not imply “this is a new thing” or “no one knows that…” or “no one is talking about….” That I managed to find someone who said something is not the same as “people say” or even, really, of “there are people who say.” That people who follow me on Twitter liked something I said is evidence that I am empirically correct. And when did we teach that is critical thinking when you find some ignorant asshole that maybe most of us have never heard of and shout them down to the cheers of your peers? Lastly, and this is a different point, really, when did we start applauding illogical and fallacy-laden arguments and bogus analytics as long as they were supporting a position we believed in?