Feedback Please! This is a Prototype.

Apropos our recent commitment to do some collective thinking about curriculum and credits and the like, I’ve set up an experimental prototype for a web tool for sharing recent articles about higher education and as a forum for discussing higher education issues.  It’s based around a “Blogger” blog since we are now using google apps for education.
Basic design idea is to create an easy-access, one stop library of documents on current issues in higher education with capacity to archive ongoing conversations about them.
This really is just a first draft prototype, so feedback is actively sought. How might it be made more useful?  Are there aspects that seem opaque? Does some content or functionality strike you as missing?
Anyone at Mills can comment, but if you’d like to contribute articles or pen original contributions, let me know and we’ll make that happen. If you’d be interested in receiving updates by email, that can be arranged.  If you’d like to do so but the platform is completely new to you, I’d be happy to get together to get you up to speed.
Thanks for your time….
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