Design Concepts


This blog is a rapid prototype of a tool for collaboration among colleagues around the idea of curricular innovation.  The overall goal is to provide a single utility on which readings can be posted and responded to, events calendared, ongoing discussions held, etc.  This is a first draft.

Desired Functionality

  • Easy to post articles, videos, etc. from other websites and original material.
  • Readers can comment on articles and videos and respond to comments.
  • A calendar function on which meetings, etc. can be announced, copied to personal calendars, etc.
  • It should be easy for folks to submit posts via email without having to learn how to be a blog contributor.
  • It should notify people when there has been an update.
  • Data should be post-able in a form that makes it easy to download.
  • There should be some level of access control restricting participation to members of the Mills community?
  • Access control should not be burdensome or otherwise become an impediment to participation/use.
  • Should avoid duplicating functionality available elsewhere.
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