FBOW, A List Colleges Probably Want to Be Ranked Highly On

PayScale.com’s Return on Investment listings. The methodology is questionable. The data insufficient and unsystematic. But at least some audiences probably paying attention. 

It’d be unethical, of course, to encourage top earning alums to submit their information and, of course, no schools do that. 

But cynicism  and methodological concerns aside, some kind of conversation about return on investment is important. And while it needs to be more nuanced than just salaries and bonuses, it also needs to rise above the empty platitudes about critical thinking and lifelong learning. 

NOTE: if you go to the site, try it with and without financial aid included and be sure to click on the “?” to get explanation of the numbers.

NYT 9/13 "New Metric for Colleges: Graduates’ Salaries"

PayScale.com ranks over 1000 institutions in terms of what their graduates earn and what kinds of jobs they get.

New Metric for Colleges: Graduates’ Salaries
Published: September 13, 2013 

U.S. News & World Report released its eagerly anticipated annual rankings of universities and colleges this week, and two of the usual suspects — Princeton University and Williams College — came out on top. Prospective students and their parents can evaluate these institutions on a variety of measures deemed important by U.S. News.

What they won’t find is any way to assess what some consider the most important issue in this still-tough economy: How much can graduates of these schools expect to earn?